UK Cannabis E-petition Smashes 100k – Tell your MP about it!


We need to keep the pressure on and make sure our voice is not only heard but listened to. We can sit here and wait for them to pull the usual tricks and ignore us with a lame excuse or do as Cameron did when the last report of drugs policy came out and not even bother reading it before making a decision!

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The war on UK pot prohibition has begun

We can make a change, contact your local MP!


We have had a very interesting week for cannabis prohibition in the UK. First we had a bombshell. Durham police commissioner Hogg announced that cannabis was no longer a priority for his force. They would not be wasting any more time or tax payers money on small growers or people in possession of cannabis. Usually police commissioners wait until they have left their job of influence to declare, the war on drugs has failed. Commissioner Hogg is one of those rare, high minded officials with a genuine sense of duty to the community. Prohibition clearly doesn’t work and it is rotting society from the youth up. Police and government have been criminally wrong on cannabis. It is an incredible medicine and a potential game changer for the wider society.

After the positive pot headlines it was only a matter of hours before the Conservative hatchet machine went to work…

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Make the production, sale and use of cannabis legal.

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Legalising cannabis could bring in £900m in taxes every year, save £400m on policing cannabis and create over 10,000 new jobs.

A substance that is safer than alcohol, and has many uses. It is believed to have been used by humans for over 4000 years, being made illegal in the UK in 1925.

At 10,000 signatures…

At 10,000 signatures, government will respond to this petition

At 100,000 signatures…

At 100,000 signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in Parliament

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Liberal Democrat spokesperson Baroness Hamwee says: ‘It is time to legalise cannabis for medicinal purposes’


The Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Home Affairs, Baroness Hamwee, argues that the Government missed an opportunity to reclassify cannabis for medical purposes as part of the Psychoactive Substances Bill. Its nice to see some members of government trying to push for a more reasonable medical marijuana laws. There are plenty of people who suffer from such illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and cancer who have to go to great lengths to get there cannabis. Lets make it easier for the people who have it tough already!

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Cannabis plants start popping up in town centre flowerbeds as part of campaign to legalise drug


Welwyn Garden City Cannabis Club went around the town of Welwyn and planted cannabis seeds in the flower beds to raise awareness of the benefits of medical marijuana. Bud bible sends there respect to Welwyn Garden Cannabis Club, what a great move, another step towards the inevitable legalisation!

The group’s spokesperson, who goes by the name Luna Tokes said: “We are here to raise awareness of the medical benefits of cannabis and the dangers of legal and pharmaceutical drugs.”

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